About Us

Hello! I'm so glad you have stumbled upon my small business. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my products. A little bit about me: my name is Keegan and I live on a small farm in Idaho. I have had Nigerian dwarf goats for the past three years and they are my absolute favorite animals on the farm. I have two does, Lilac and Rosemary, and one buck, Oreo. It is thanks to them that I am able to make my products. 


I have made soap a number of times in the past, but never had the opportunity to use goat's milk until I got my goats. I have struggled with dry skin and eczema most of my life and have tried numerous creams, lotions, and soaps to help with it, but nothing really achieved what I wanted it to. I had heard that goat milk soap was another option that I could try, so I decided to make my own. I absolutely loved it! So much so that I gave it as presents to my family and friends. They all loved it as well and encouraged me to try selling it, so here I am giving it a shot.


 As you may know, not all batches may turn out perfectly. They could have large air pockets from not filling the molds completely or not quite hardening enough. I didn't want to throw these batches away, so I researched ways to reuse them. That's when I discovered bath teas, where I could shave down my imperfect soaps and use those shavings in the teas, so that those batches could still be used even though they weren't quite perfect. 


My products are homemade and I try to use natural ingredients to help promote healthy skin. I am really excited to try new scents and natural ingredients for future products and to experiment with new ideas. I really hope you will enjoy using these products as much as I enjoyed making them.